"Today, Tennessee Walking Horses are known throughout the industry
as the breed that shows abused and tortured horses."

~ Jim Heird, Ph.D., Do Right By The Horse, February 2010

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity,
you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, August 5, 2012

NEWS and GUEST BLOGGER - NWHA at the Tennessee State Fair

On September 8, for the first time in quite a long time, the Tennessee State Fair is going to have a horse show with their state-named horse in the spotlight...AND NOT A BIG LICK HORSE WILL BE IN SIGHT!  (Click here for the Fair's Equestrian Events page.)

That's because the National Walking Horse Association (NWHA) will be having a one-day show at the fair to showcase the sound Tennessee Walking Horse to the public.  This is incredibly exciting, for in the state where the BL continues to try to push it's way into every venue and force the public to like it, we'll see a major event welcome and encourage the sound horse by accepting NWHA's show.  Click here for the article from examiner.com concerning the Fair.  (Please note: the article should say that all horses are welcome, not just NWHA horses.)

From what I understand, there has been an attempt to add a BL show to the Fair after hearing that NWHA will be there.  However, the Fair's management has specifically said that there must be an HIO present, which has thwarted the attempts to overthrow NWHA's show due to cost.

To go along with the September 8 show, here's one of our guest blogger's articles about the NWHA Ohio Classic Horse Show that occurred June 22 and June 23 of this year.  This show was a rousing success with about 100 horses present and 430 class entries.  It is the largest Walking Horse show in Ohio, and it's a sound horse show to boot!

I hope reading this article will encourage folks to check out the Fair next month.  This is a time where the sound TWH is going to start becoming the norm at horse shows, and even just coming and watching a few classes helps us win the battle against soring!


The NWHA Ohio Classic Horse Show

The NWHA Ohio Classic Horse Show Double point Region 2 Championship Show took place on June 22nd to June 23rd at Roberts Arena in Wilmington Ohio. The Ohio classic is the largest Walking Horse Show in Ohio. Multiple exhibitors arrived from surrounding states like Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas.  It is another fine example of a successful sound horse show under NWHA’s inspection program .  NWHA has proven over the last fourteen years sore horses will not be tolerated.

The show was managed by Laura Amann, Connie Holbrook, and Maria Redman. One hundred horses were present with approximately 430 entries.  The show was judged by the honorable Lonnie Kuehn.  For complete show results visit this link.

Friday we welcomed the USDA to assist with the inspection process.  Several VMOs had not had the opportunity to observe an NWHA show and were surprised to see such a great atmosphere.  They were very complimentary about NWHA’s inspection process and wished us to continue in our mission to protect the horse.  Big thanks to Jim and Jarod Wray, NWHA DQPs, for their hard work and professionalism when inspecting these horses.

Friday offered a variety of western classes with some of the best flat shod horses I have seen.  Top honors in the LS open 2gt Western Championship went to Command’s 409 with Melissa Davidson.  TP open 2gt Western Championship was Simply Shocking with Jason Crawhorn.  SSH open shod 2gt Western was Isles Sassy Pusher with Morgan Applewhite.  TP Open 3gt Championship was The Midnight Ride with Mikal Spooner.  PP Open 3gt Western Championship was Magicians Encore with Tom Christofaro.  Model Championship was Ted’s Bat Girl with Maria Redman.  TP 4yrs and under Jr Horse 2gt OT championship was The Midnight Ride with Mikal Spooner.  LS 4 yr. and Under 2gt OT Championship was Cocoa’s Derby Rose with Jason Crawhorn.  PP 4yrs and under 2gt OT Championship was Magicians Encore with Tom Chrisofaro. Friday night after the last class was a Pot Luck Exhibitor party where many exhibitors enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs.

Saturday had a variety of English classes with some of the finest English flatshod horses in the country.  Top trainers like Scot and Lynn Macgregor, Jim Potter, Jason Crawhorn, Mikal Spooner, Tom Christofaro, and Linda Richwine battled it out for top honors in many classes.  We cannot forget the amateurs like Melissa Davidson, Emma Krock, Maria Redman, Mag Raft, Charles Fulton, David Lamb, Vickie Ritter, Mag Raft, Racheal Baker and Pam Vann, to name a few.  It is amazing to see the improvements of these horses yearly with natural training methods.

The English Champions include TP 2 gait English Championship was Sleipner with Allison Thorson.  LS Open 2gt English Championship was A Wise Coin with Jim Potter.  Racking CP English Championship was I’m an Extra Ovation with Hannah.  PP Open 2gt English championship was Cash’s Prime Time with Scot Macgregor.  TP Amt 2gt English Championship was Simply Shocking with Melissa Davidson.  CP Amt 2gt OT Championship was I Got Sizzle Too with Pam Vann.  LS Amt 2gt English was Allen Gottaround with David Lamb.  TP Open 2gt English Championship was Extra Cash Bonus with Morgan Applewhit.  TWH 1” shoe 2gt Open English Championship was Banners Bell with Scot Macgregor.  PP Amt 2gt English championship was Extra Classic with Mag Ranft.  CP Amt 3gait OT English Championship was Pride’s Striding Generator.  LS Youth 2gt OT Championship was Dust Bunny with Allison Thorson.  SSH Open Shod 2gt Championship was Bd Jr.’s Fast Forward with Martivitulli.  TP Open 3gt English Championship was Looking Black with Charles Fulton.  LS Open 3gt English Championship was Allen All Around with Mikal Spooner.  PP Open 3gt English Championship was Extra Classic with Jim Potter.

Congratulations to all winners and I look forward to seeing everyone at the NWHA Championship show in October. Please continue to support sound horse industry organizations like NWHA, FOSH and IWHA in the fight to protect the Tennessee Walking Horse and other gaited horses.  Now is the time to help.  Become a member of a sound horse association, donate, or sponsor a class.  Here is a list of folks to contact in the fight for the sound horse movement.  Get your letters and your emails out.

~ Suzi Clark

Suzi Clark rode her first TWH at five years old.  The palomino mare was owned by her cousin, and this mare started a long love affair for the breed.  Suzi continued to ride through her teenage years until she purchased her first TWH at age eighteen.  Nine months after her purchase, she attended her first TWH show with friends Debra and Mark Matson.  During those years, Suzi witnessed many atrocities inflicted upon the defenseless TWH.  Nerve cords, open application of soring agents, stewarding, and using whips to force horses out of their stalls to the inspection area, as they were in so much pain they could hardly walk.  Suzi was outspoken against the abuse during a time when it was forbidden and suffered physical threats and banishment.  In 1997, she was informed of a new HIO called the National Walking Horse Association and is proud to say she is one of the fifty founding members of NWHA.  Suzi is still active and competing in the growing association and is currently apprenticing for her judge's license.

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