"Today, Tennessee Walking Horses are known throughout the industry
as the breed that shows abused and tortured horses."

~ Jim Heird, Ph.D., Do Right By The Horse, February 2010

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity,
you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, January 27, 2014

NEWS - What??? TWHBEA Continues to Baffle and Confuse in Attempts to Dupe the Public

IT's just gotten laughable now.  Seriously.  TWHBEA, we all know you support the sored horse.  We know you are against anything that tells the truth.

In their latest attempts at fantasy land pretending, David Williams, the TWHBEA VP for the Breeders and on the Executive Committee, and former manager of the failed Waterfall Farms, where they attempted to dupe the public as to what was going on by using Monty Roberts as their poster boy, made this little gem.  (Click to see a larger version.)

Here's the explanation of this map.

To TWHBEA directors:

Attached is a map and data showing the actual support of the PAST Act by TWHBEA members.

The data used was that collected and accounted for by Cook and Company the accounting firm hired by Pat Stout to process their poll results.

Using their data, only 15% of TWHBEA members residing in the U.S. are on record supporting the PAST Act.

There are only 7 states in which the majority of their TWHBEA membership is in support of the PAST Act.

Those 7 states comprise less than 1% of the total TWHBEA membership.

There are others who would like us and our membership to believe otherwise, but a only a very small percentage of TWHBEA members are in favor of the PAST Act.

Feel free to share.

David W. Williams

My reaction:
I honestly don't understand this.  I really don't.  I mean, I'm no math whiz, but this makes NO SENSE.  They are assuming that anyone who DIDN'T vote in the Stout Poll is AGAINST the PAST Act.  Seriously?  THAT'S what you came up with?  David Williams, are you TRULY that daft?

And as far as the State of Arizona goes, and using THEIR logic...

Gosh!  That was some hard math to do there!  Yessiree!

Next, the Enforcement Committee, made up of mostly Lickers, no less, has come up with this report concerning their "investigation" against Pat Stout's actions.  Click here for the report.  There is a lot of rhetoric and false accusations, nothing concrete.  In their list of findings, they go on hearsay that Jennie Jackson said Pat Stout didn't have an anonymous donor.  They also say that the picture of the horses on the ballot are of horses going to slaughter.  What difference does that make?

They talk about not violating the Code of Conduct.  Clearly, their Code of Conduct is interpreted differently by the sore horse group than it is by the rest of the world.  Plus

This is my favorite part of the report:

Their purported poll was not a poll at all.  It was a "push poll" or an attempt to sway the opinion of anyone who read it.  It advocated a specific political position, and sought support for that position.  While everyone has the right to advocate a political position, no one has the right to mislead the members of this association or the public about the position of the association.  This is especially true for directors and officers.

Here's my interpretation of this paragraph.

Their purported poll was not a poll at all.  A single question with a YES or NO answer isn't a poll, but it WOULD be a poll if we had put it out there.  It was a "push poll" or an attempt to sway the opinion of anyone who read it.  We don't like that the postcard said the horses need our help because we're not for the welfare of the horse.  It advocated a specific political position, and sought support for that position.  While everyone has the right to advocate a political position except for those who are for the sound horse, no one has the right to mislead the members of this association or the public about the position of the association except for us by putting out false statements and lying to the public about soring, like with the above referenced map.  This is especially true for directors and officers.

What's odd here is that there is no action taken.  Their conclusions are just that: conclusions.  They don't put forth any "punishment."  (Although in my honest opinion, being kicked out of TWHBEA for not supporting the sored horse would be a badge of honor.)  They did send Pat Stout a letter saying they have suspended her privileges with TWHBEA until she "cooperates" and sends them the information they are demanding of her.  Click here for the letter.

The list of the Enforcement Committee members:

Thomas Kakassy, Chairman (multiple HPA violator, BL supporter)
Everett (Butch) Allen (HPA violator, BL supporter)
Denise Bader-Keyser (flip-flops between being sound or sore, BL supporter, husband has HPA violation)
Ann King (multiple HPA violator)
Curt Rosemann (Arizona residents voted him out of the Arizona rep position because he does not support the PAST Act and therefore does not support the Arizona members' best interests)
Denise Rowland (multiple HPA violator, VERY well known for supporting the sored horse and for her lawsuit against the USDA that she lost concerning soring horses)
Jeff Tanner (BL supporter)
Nicole Tolle
Margo Urad (HPA violator, BL supporter)
Kim Widner

From the TWHBEA Code of Conduct Standards:
“No person shall knowingly … engage in any practice which has the effect of corrupting the integrity of the Association … or otherwise engage in an unethical practice in any situation involving a Tennessee Walking Horse or any matter in which this Association has an interest.”

You know, if this isn't a conflict of interest, then I TRULY do not know what is.

Here's the bottom line, folks: TWHBEA doesn't care about the sound horse; they only care about their pocketbooks.  It's pathetic that they can't see the forest for the trees, and it's gotten to a point where they are so transparent in their lies and cover-up attempts that it's just laughable.  They are the laughing stock of the horse world for a reason.  They KNOW they are doing wrong, and yet they persist in making themselves look like fools.  Don't they realize that they are truly ruining the breed for everyone but their tiny circle of sore horse supporters and animal abusers?

I have a request: to everyone who is a sound horse person--a REAL sound horse person, as in you support the PAST Act as it is--please do not renew your membership next year.  Don't give these people any more money.  They absolutely are not going to make any changes, or if they do, it's going to be too late.  They work hard at keeping the sound horse people from speaking up and won't listen to them.  We've seen hints and glimmers of hope here and there, but they have always jumped up to keep abusing animals.  Look at Tracy Boyd--he's been bullied back into the fold.  So let them fail.  Let them die their death.  The registry can be started anew by someone else; the horses that are truly sound aren't going to stop being sold or promoted.  Let's allow them to kill themselves, and let's hit them hard by not giving them any more of our money or our time.  Thanks for being for the horse, everyone!

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