"Today, Tennessee Walking Horses are known throughout the industry
as the breed that shows abused and tortured horses."

~ Jim Heird, Ph.D., Do Right By The Horse, February 2010

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity,
you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

~ St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, November 8, 2012

NEWS, ARTICLES and HOW YOU CAN HELP - Post Election Post

Well, here we are, post-election 2012.  Now we can look forward to no more negative campaign ads online or on the television...well, for another four years, at least!  So it's onward and upward: let's talk about how we can further protect the horse!

McConnell Goes Back to Court November 13

As one of our posters on Facebook reminded us, Jackie the Jerk goes back to court on November 13 to face state charges.  This includes approximately 15 counts of animal cruelty, but it doesn't fall under the new Tennessee law making animal abuse a felony because Jackie was caught in March and the law was passed in July.

We need to send our letters and emails and make phone calls to District Attorney Michael Dunavant to let him know we haven't forgotten about this case.  Mr. Dunavant can be contacted at the following.

D. Michael Dunavant
District Attorney General
25th Judicial District of Tennessee
Lauderdale, Tipton, Fayette, Hardeman & McNairy counties
121 North Main Street
Ripley, Tennessee 38063
(731) 635-5163

He has been sending out a "canned" response, but the message is very good--clearly, he is getting enough emails to need to send a specific response concerning this case.  It seems he really cares about upholding the law and making sure justice is served.  But still, we need your voice to help keep this issue foremost in his mind!

HR 6388 Sponsors and Co-Sponsors - Contact the NEW Senators and Reps!

Good news!  Sponsor Rep. Edward Whitfield (R, KY) was reelected!  As were lots of the co-sponsors.  But some of them were not relected.  Those are highlighted below in red.  I put the new person's name in with a link to their website.  The amendment is still sitting in the committee waiting to be reviewed, so this means we need to contact the new Senators and Representatives and ask for their support!  And here's the entire list of new and reelected Congress persons--click here.  The new ones have links attached to their names, so they need to be contacted as well.

  • Rep. Roscoe Bartlett [R, MD-6]  to Rep. John Delaney [D, MD-6]
  • Rep. Judy Biggert [R, IL-13] to Rep. Rodney Davis [R, IL-13]
  • Rep. Earl Blumenauer [D, OR-3]
  • Del. Madeleine Bordallo [D, GU-0]
  • Rep. William Clay [D, MO-1]
  • Rep. Elijah Cummings [D, MD-7]
  • Rep. Peter DeFazio [D, OR-4]
  • Rep. Anna Eshoo [D, CA-18]
  • Rep. Sam Farr [D, CA-20]
  • Rep. Elton Gallegly [R, CA-24]
  • Rep. Raul Grijalva [D, AZ-7]
  • Rep. Michael Honda [D, CA-17]
  • Rep. Eddie Johnson [D, TX-30]
  • Rep. Walter Jones [R, NC-3]
  • Rep. James Langevin [D, RI-2]
  • Rep. Rick Larsen [D, WA-2]
  • Rep. John Lewis [D, GA-5]
  • Rep. Frank LoBiondo [R, NJ-2]
  • Rep. Stephen Lynch [D, MA-8]
  • Rep. James McGovern [D, MA-2]
  • Rep. Gary Miller [R, CA-31]
  • Rep. James Moran [D, VA-8]
  • Del. Eleanor Norton [D, DC-0]
  • Rep. David Price [D, NC-4]
  • Rep. Nick Rahall [D, WV-3]
  • Rep. Steven Rothman [D, NJ-9] to Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (might be incorrect)
  • Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard [D, CA-40]
  • Rep. Janice Schakowsky [D, IL-9]
  • Rep. Brad Sherman [D, CA-30]
  • Rep. Fortney Stark [D, CA-13] to Rep. Barbara Lee (might be incorrect)
  • Rep. John Tierney [D, MA-6]
  • Rep. Nydia Velázquez [D, NY-07]
  • Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D, CA-6] to Rep. Doris Matsui (might be incorrect)
  • Rep. Bill Young [R, FL-13]
  • Rep. Brian Bilbray [R, CA-50] to Rep. Duncan Hunter (might be incorrect)
  • Rep. George Butterfield [D, NC-1]
  • Rep. John Campbell [R, CA-45]
  • Rep. Mazie Hirono [D, HI-2] to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard [D, HI-2]
  • Rep. Steve Cohen [D, TN-9]
  • Rep. James Himes [D, CT-4]
  • Rep. Gary Peters [D, MI-14]
  • Rep. Paul Tonko [D, NY-20]
  • Rep. Bob Dold [R, IL-10] to Rep. Brad Schneider [D, IL-10]
  • Rep. Hansen Clarke [D, MI-13]
  • Rep. Michael Grimm [R, NY-13] to John Conyers Jr. (might be incorrect)
  • Rep. Steve Stivers [R, OH-15]

The best way to track all of this is via POPVOX--click here.  And don't forget: be sure to post your support of HR 6388 as well.  Do your best to word your response logically and clearly--cursing or negative language does not help our cause.

Extension on the FTTWH Letter

I've extended the date to sign our FTTWH letter that we'll be sending out to various horse organizations.  I have a lot of "real" work to do and won't be able to send it out for the next couple of weeks.  So please have your signatures added by NOVEMBER 14, 2012.  To add your signature, click here, choose the Comments box in the upper right corner, and comment.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME - real names are what get us the most support!  Click here for the blog post about the letter and how I'll be distributing it.  And pass this info on to your horsey friends--the more the better!

Tennessee State University Changes the TWH Homecoming Presentation from Big Lick to Flat Shod

From the HSUS article:  "In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act, which funds the protection of natural habitat, the University has partnered with the state of Tennessee 4-H organization to celebrate the Tennessee walking horse. Although a Tennessee walking horse demonstration is one of Tennessee’s homecoming traditions, this year the University has decided to showcase a sound, flat shod horse in lieu of their customary “Big Lick” demonstration – following exposes and law enforcement actions against the cruel practice of soring these competitive horses."  Click here for the article.  More about the Morrill Act is here.

From the University of Tennessee article: "To reflect the Morrill Act’s mission, the university has updated its traditional Tennessee Walking Horse exhibition at this year’s Homecoming. Prior to kickoff, A Daring Affair, a flat-shod walking horse, will circle the field with rider Kimbrell Hines, a high-school senior from Winchester, Tennessee. Hines is a longtime member of the Tennessee 4-H program, and she and the horse, known affectionately as Summer, have won many horse shows around the state."  Click here for the article.

I love that the University says they have "updated" the exhibition!  This is wonderful news for the Tennessee Walking Horse and is a clear message to the industry that the Big Lick is no longer a quality or proper representation of the TWH.

If you'd like to send a thank you letter to the University for making this choice, here's the contact information for the All Campus Events, the group that puts together the homecoming events.

All Campus Events
A member of the Central Program Council
Phone: (865) 974-5455
Fax: (865) 974-9252
Website: http://activities.utk.edu
Email: ace@utk.edu

Lanier Loftin, Director’s Chair
Ashton Rummage, Co-Homecoming Chair
Paige Sabo, Co-Homecoming Chair
Keith Becklin, Advisor
Click for Facebook page

And congratulations to University of Tennessee for their homecoming win in 2012!  I think switching to a Flat Shod horse gave you good luck!

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