"Today, Tennessee Walking Horses are known throughout the industry
as the breed that shows abused and tortured horses."

~ Jim Heird, Ph.D., Do Right By The Horse, February 2010

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity,
you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

~ St. Francis of Assisi

Friday, January 29, 2010

RESEARCH - SHOW Judges with HPA Violations

To give credit where credit is due, Ruthie (aka horsendoglvr), a regular commenter on my blogs and other blogs I read, took it upon herself to go through the SHOW judges list and compare it to the HPA Violations list.* This was to find out how many current SHOW judges have been cited for HPA violations in the past. Unfortunately, she found that of approximately 300 current, licensed SHOW judges, 68 have been suspended, 14 are currently suspended, and 11 are under lifetime suspension. The violations data is only from the past 3 years, but this is an alarming number.

A big thank you goes out to Ruthie--I really appreciate your doing this comparison and having the excellent idea of bringing this data to light.

Now in my own time, since SHOW now has their suspension list posted, I compared Ruthie's judge list to SHOW's suspension list. I found that some of the conflict cases have been resolved and some lifetime suspensions were brought down to a current suspension. I did find out that if there is an appeal or a conflict case with a violation, then the HIO will use a "placeholder" of a lifetime suspension until the fine or length of suspension is determined.

However, after comparing the two lists, I found that the numbers went up! Of the SHOW judges, 73 have been suspended, with 18 under current suspension and 12 under lifetime suspension.

Okay, so why is this? Well, it's because none of the sore HIOs have any penalties in place for violators. They may receive a fine and/or jail time from the Feds, but that's it. HPA violators can still serve on the Board of an HIO or an organization such as TWHBEA or WHOA, they can still be judges, they can still own TWHs, they can still go to shows. They just can't show them or perform as an exhibitor during their suspension per federal regulations. And the worst part is that the USDA has no way of punishing HIOs either--they never put in any caveats when HIOs didn't do their job when the HPA was passed.

This is where we come in. We MUST start pressuring the USDA to change the HPA, or at least change the current Operating Plan. Start punishing the HIOs themselves; start holding them responsible for continuing to support sore horse trainers and judges by allowing them the privileges that only those who follow the law deserve.

So, here is the data. I do know that many others of the people listed on this judge list have also had violations in the past, but because I don't have what they were charged for readily available, I won't point them out. If I do find out the information about them, I'll change the data here. I only listed those judges that have had suspensions and what their suspensions were. Click on the photo below this list to see Ruthie's entire table. For some of the suspensions, they list the horse itself that was sored. The registration number indicates how old the horse was. With the first three numbers, 200 is the year 2000, 201 is 2001, 202 is 2002, etc.

My favorite part of this is how some offenders were caught at SHOW shows, yet they are still listed as SHOW judges. How can SHOW be cleaning up their act if they are allowing people to judge who were found at their own shows to have been soring horses? The short answer: THEY'RE NOT.


Listed by:
Name, Location, Violation Type, Suspension Period, HIO showing under, Horse (if included), Horse Registration ID (if included)

Code: S = Suspension; C = Current Suspension; L = Lifetime Suspension

Black text: USDA information; Red text: SHOW information

Howard Adkinson (L, C)
Spring Hill TN, Scar Rule, 6/29/09 6/29/99, SHOW
Spring Hill TN, Bilateral Sore - Preshow, 9/12/09 9/12/10, $500, SHOW (this was a lifetime suspension on USDA list)
Mike Anasis (S)
Union KY, Bilateral Sore, 9/4/08 5/1/09, NHSC, A Red Ball Jet, 20005344
Union KY, Other 2 lb shoe rule, 5/2/09 5/15/09, NHSC shoe weight: 3lb 1.9oz, A Red Ball Jet, 20005344
Larry Joe Appleton Jr. (S)
Trinity AL, Scar Rule, 9/18/08 10/1/08, NHSC, Red Hott Willie
Becky Barnes (S)
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/6/08 11/4/08, NHSC
Steve Beam (S)
Arab AL, Scar Rule, 5/11/09 5/24/09, SHOW, Jazz's High Time, 20605970
Arab AL, Scar Rule, 5/25/09 6/7/09, SHOW, Zhivago, 20701152
Rollie Beard (S)
Lewisburg TN, Scar Rule, 10/9/07 10/22/07, NHSC
Lewisburg TN, Scar Rule, 1/28/08 2/10/08, NHSC 2007 TWHNC, exhausted all appeals
Bill Beech (S)
Belfast TN, Bilateral Sore, 6/25/07 2/24/08, NHSC
Spencer S. Benedict (S)
Glasglow, KY, Scar Rule, 10/2/07 10/15/07, NHSC
Scott Benham L (L, C)
Ontario CA, Other - Illegal Shoeing, 9/6/09 9/6/99, SHOW
Ontario CA, Bilateral Sore, 10/10/09 10/9/10, $100, $500, SHOW
Robby Black (S)
Bell Buckle TN, Not Specified, 10/28/07 4/27/08, USDA
Bell Buckle TN, Bilateral Sore, 10/31/08 6/29/09, NHSC, BMF, 19914757
Knox Blackburn (S)
Franklin TN, Scar Rule, 11/15/07 11/28/07, NHSC
Unknown, Scar Rule, 10/6/08 10/20/08, NHSC, Private Charter, 970535
Carl J. Bledsoe (S)
Ballground GA, Unilateral Sore, 12/3/07 1/1/08, NHSC Ballground GA, Bilateral Sore - Preshow, 11/9/09 11/8/10, $500, SHOW
Brett Boyd (S, L)
Petersburg TN, Unilateral Sore, 6/5/08 7/4/08, NHSC
Petersburg TN, Scar Rule, 11/19/08 12/2/08, NHSC, conflict case, A Bolt of Rain
Petersburg TN, Bad Image Horse, 9/6/09 9/19/09, SHOW
Petersburg TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/10/09 10/10/99 $50 SHOW
Charlie Brown (S, L)
Tuscaloosa AL, Unilateral Sore, 10/9/07 11/8/07, NHSC
Tuscaloosa AL, Foreign Substances, 8/4/09 8/4/99, SHOW
Stephen M. Brown (S)
Arab AL, Unilateral Sire, 4/6/08 5/5/08, NHSC
Walter Bruner (S)
Shelbyville KY, Unilateral Sore, 2/26/09 3/27/09, NHSC
Shelbyville KY, Scar Rule, 3/28/09 4/10/09, NHSC, He's All Power, 987629
John Allan Callaway (S)
Shelbyville TN, Scar Rule, 6/22/08 7/5/08, NHSC
Bill Carmichael (L)
Mt Sterling KY, Indebtedness to SHOW, 11/19/09 1/1/99, $200, Indiana Tennessee Walking & Racking Horse, SHOW
Gerald Campbell (S)
Cullman AL, Scar Rule, 6/22/08 7/5/08, NHSC
Robbie B. Casteel (C)
Crossville TN, Bilateral Sore, Illegal Shoeing, 8/20/09 8/20/10 SHOW, What A Future (confirmed on SHOW's list)
Steve Clark (S)
Arab AL, Unilateral Sore, 10/9/07 11/8/07, NHSC
Jerry W. Collier (S)
Rogersville AL, Unilateral Sore, 7/21/08 8/19/08, NHSC
Rogersville AL, Scar Rule, 9/12/09 9/12/09, SHOW
Curtis Ray Collins (S)
Pilgrims Knob VA, Scar Rule, 7-30-07 8-12-07, NHSC
Mike Conley (S)
Clintwood VA, Scar Rule, 5/5/08 5/18/08, NHSC
Wayne Conley (S)
Rutledge TN, Unilateral Sore 3rd Unilateral Sore, 9/28/06 9/27/07, NHSC
Joe Cotten (S)
Franklin TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/6/08 11/4/08, NHSC
Don R. Crum (S)
Lovelady TX, Unilateral Sore, 11/8/07 12/7/07, NHSC
Lovelady TX, Scar Rule, 5/18/09 5/31/09, SHOW, I'm Jeb Stewart, 20300343
Lovelady TX, Scar Rule, 6/1/09 6/14/09, SHOW, Born A Jazz Queen, 11/25/08, NHSC
Brad Davis (S)
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/12/08 11/10/08, NHSC
Jason Day (S)
Bell Buckle TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/4/07 10/3/07, NHSC
Bell Buckle TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/5/08 10/4/08, NHSC
Wayne Dean (S)
Lewisburg TN, Scar Rule, 9/4/07 9/17/07, NHSC
Larry W. Derryberry (S)
Pulaski TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/2/08 10/1/08, NHSC
Steve Dunn (S)
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/1/08 10/1/08, NHSC
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 11/12/08 1/10/09, NHSC
Larry E. Edwards (S)
Dawson GA, Scar Rule, 8/2/07 8/1/5/07, NHSC
John T. Fikes (S)
Hamilton AL, Other - Illegal Shoeing, 8/3/08 8/16/08, NHSC
Hamilton AL, Unilateral Sore, 8/31/08 9/29/08, NHSC
Hamilton AL, Scar Rule, 3/14/09 3/27/09, NHSC, The Casino Royale, 20314926
Allen Dean Foreman (C)
Thomason GA, Bilateral Sore - Preshow, 7/4/09 7/4/10, $500, SHOW
Larry George (S)
Shelbyville TN, Scar Rule, 8/4/08 8/17/08, NHSC, Bum In The Sun
Unknown, Scar Rule, 9/2/08 9/15/08, NHSC, My 9, 20501130
Ray Gilmer (L)
Toone TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/10/09 10/10/99, $50, SHOW
Charlie R. Green (L)
Shelbyville TN, Open Lesion One Foot, 10/1/09 10/12/99, $50, SHOW
Wink Groover (S)
Bell Buckle TN, Unilateral Sore, 1/7/09 2/5/09, NHSC, conflict case
Bell Buckle TN, Scar Rule, 5/25/09 6/7/09, SHOW, My Private Label
Brent Hardin (S)
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/28/08 10/27/08, NHSC
Jeff Hatcher (S)
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 1/7/09 2/5/09, NHSC
Mike Hilley (C)
Shelbyville TN, Bilateral Sore, 10/10/09 10/9/10, $500, SHOW (was a lifetime suspension on USDA list)
Sonny Holt
Shelbyville TN, Bilateral Sore, 9/4/07 5/3/08, NHSC
Shelbyville TN, Other - Illegal Shoeing, 9/2/08 9/15/08, NHSC
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/8/08 10/7/08, NHSC
Mike Janeway (S)
Robbins TN, Scar Rule, 9/26/07 10/9/07, HPC, Elmer's Encore, 20501656
Justin Jenne (S)
Shelbyville TN, Scar Rule, 6/3/08 6/16/08, NHSC
Robert Kellett Jr. (S)
Fountain Inn SC, Other - Scurffing, 6/15/09 6/28/09, SHOW
Larry Latham (S)
Joppa AL, Unilateral Sore, 8/29/08 9/27/08, NHSC
Layne Leverette (S)
Petersburg TN, Scar Rule, 10/19/08 11/1/08, HOA, My Reckless Endangerment
Paul Livingston (S)
Church Hill TN, Scar Rule, 6/7/09 6/21/09, SHOW, conflict case
Rae Martin (S)
Leesville SC, Scar Rule, 6/8/08 6/21/08, NHSC
Leesville SC, Scar Rule, 6/22/08 7/5/08, NHSC
Micky McCormick (S)
Shelbyville TN, Scar Rule, 7/7/08 7/20/08, NHSC
Shelbyville TN, Scar Rule, 10/6/08 10/20/08, NHSC, Moonlighter
Unknown, Scar Rule, 9/18/08 11/16/08, NHSC, Jose's Midnight Tango, 20501529
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 12/17/08 1/15/09, NHSC
Mike McCormick (S)
Shelbyville, TN, Scar Rule, 6/15/09 6/28/09, Pinkie Promise
Richard Myers (S)
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/9/07 11/8/07, NHSC
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 12/20/07 2/19/08, NHSC
Alanzo "Al" Napier (L)
Martinsville IN, Indebtedness to SHOW, 11/19/09 11/19/99, Indiana Tennessee Walking and Racking Horse, $525, SHOW
Joel Nipper (S)
Cleveland TN, Unilateral Sore, 8/12/07 9/10/07, NHSC
Jimmy Norris (S)
San Martin CA, Scar Rule, 8/1/08 8/14/08, NHSC
San Martin CA, Unilateral Sore, 10/2/08 11/1/08 NHSC
San Martin CA, Unilateral Sore, 11/17/08 12/16/08, NHSC
San Martin CA, Unilateral Sore, 7/27/09 (end date was incorrect as he is not on lifetime suspension) SHOW
Randall Phillips (C)
Cookeville TN, Bilateral Sore Scar Rule - Preshow, 7/27/09 7/27/10, $500, SHOW, Little N Bad (confirmed on SHOW's list)
John Puckett (L)
Wartrace TN, Unilateral Sore, 8/11/09 8/11/99, SHOW
Danny Rylee (S)
Gillsville GA, Unilateral Sore, 9/2/08 10/2/08, NHSC
Ginger Simpson (S)
Belvidere TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/2/08 10/2/08, NHSC
David Smith (S, L)
Alvaton KY, Unilateral Sore, 7/20/08 8/18/08 NHSC
Alvaton KY, Scar Rule, 5/4/09 5/17/09, SHOW, Jacob Parole Cash, 20603316
Alvaton KY, Other – NHSC Rule Violation, 7/10/09 7/24/09, SHOW
Alvaton KY, Unilateral Sore, 10/10/09 10/10/99, $50, SHOW
Tim L. Smith (S)
Hickson TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/9/07 11/8/07, NHSC
Hickson TN, Unilateral Sore, 1/28/08 2/26/08, NHSC
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 10/6/08 10/20/08, NHSC, Jose’s Pepper
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 1/21/09 2/3/09, NHSC
Lenior City TN, Unilateral Sore, 7/13/09 7/26/09, SHOW conflict case
Ronnie Spears (S)
Tullahoma TN, Unilateral Sore, 9/28/08 10/27/08, NHSC
Nobel Stout Jr. (S)
Cookeville TN, Illegal Shoeing, 8/4/08 8/17/08, NHSC
Hugh Morgan Taylor (C)
Childersburg AL, Bilateral Sore - Postshow, 10/5/09 10/4/10, $500 SHOW (confirmed on SHOW's list)
Brock Tillman (L)
Shelbyville TN, Unilateral Sore, 8/15/09 8/15/99, SHOW
Grandy W. Tuck (S)
Eden NC, Other – not specified, 10/1/06 9/30/07, USDA
Dan Waddel (S)
Union City TN, Unilateral Sore, 5/27/08 6/25/08, NHSC
Dale Watts (S)
Summit MS, Unilateral Sore, 4/13/08 5/12/08, NHSC
Larry Wheelon
Maryville TN, Bilateral Sore - Preshow, 10/26/09 10/26/10, $500, SHOW
Gwain J. Wilson (S)
Shelbyville TN, Bilateral Sore, 9/2/07 5/1/08, USDA
Shelbyville TN, Scar Rule, 5/2/08 5/15/08, NHSC
Shelbyville TN, Bilateral Sore, 2/10/09 10/7/09, NHSC conflict case, She’s John F. K’s Pusher
Shea D. Woods (S)
Hickory Valley TN, Unilateral Sore, 4/7/09 5/6/09, SHOW


*Ruthie stated the following when she sent me her data:

"Caveat: I have compared SHOW's list of Judges with the Suspensions from 8-1-07 to 10-16-09. Keep in mind that I could only compare names to names, so I might have some wrong, i.e., judge John Doe might not be the same John Doe that was suspended. (I apologize for any errors.)"



horsndogluvr said...

Well, dang it.

I figured out that most of the suspensions until "2099" On SHOW's website are really indefinite suspensions for owing money, or paperwork problems. That means the suspensions end when the money is paid and/or paperwork is fixed.

Of course, that highlights their hypocrisy even more. "Ooh, you owe us $500, so if you never pay us it's a lifetime suspension. But if your horse is in pain, you only get a year, unless it's a 'bad image' offense." (I assume a "bad image" means abusing your horse, publicly, in a way that even the stupidest spectator can see is cruel.)

And of course that doesn't excuse them from letting violators be judges. Ptoo.

It would be nice if both SHOW and the USDA could change their data collection program, so that the ending date field can be letters and numbers. Then they can enter "indef" or "life."

And it would also be great if DQPs could be suspended or fined for failing to fill in all the blanks. We could learn which horses are being sored, among other things. And I could easily change it into a Word table, which could then be sorted in several different ways.

I guess it's time to write some more letters.


Dodi said...

This list needs to be updated more than half are not on last years list and the new list is about to come out in March, You are not being fair to SHOW if you do not update it in a timely manner and if it not 100% correct!!!

katphoti said...

Dodi, if you would pay attention, this post was made in January of 2010. The post was factual as of that date. I have already written a new post about how some of SHOW's current BOD and officers are also repeat HPA violators. All of the information has come from the website www.hpadata.us and is updated each time the USDA updates their lists and makes them public. Do newspaper articles that are written in 2010 need to be updated to reflect new information in 2011? No, and this doesn't either.

And quite frankly, until SHOW stops supporting HPA violators by making them judges, BOD members, and officers, then I certainly don't care what's fair to them or not. They are continuing to choose the path to support the sore horse by supporting violators, and they are not being fair to the horses nor the law-abiding public by supporting law-breakers and allowing horses to continue to suffer.

Dodi said...

When you are talking about a reputation of a group that is doing a good job and cleaning up an industry, I would assume that you would keep a website up to dat on the facts. Some of which are listed below!!!

41 of the people listed on your list are no longer SHOW judges...
Of those left 23 have never had a SHOW violation.... SHOW wants to reform people and the fact that they have not incurred a violation with SHOW shows it works.
one of the people listed is dead.
one has never been a judge.
I understand that blog was posted a year ago but if they are interested in truth they would want to see current information.

In another blog about the Kentucky Incentive Fund they keep talking about HPC. HPC did not check one horse this year. YOU clearly do not have your facts correct there either and it IS a current article.

Cleaning up is working, but your clear misuse of "facts" clearly does not help!! Show is working toward a clean horse and fair inspections.

Slamming an organization that is helping the breed does not help the breed in the least.

Visit the SHOW Blog and put your comments there!!!

katphoti said...

I won't argue with you Dodi because you are missing the point. This information is from over a year ago. It is not my job to clean up SHOW's act--it's theirs. I'm only pointing out the facts. My friend who did the research got the information directly from SHOW's website. So if it's wrong that someone was listed on there as a judge that you said never was, then SHOW has their information wrong, not me.

To me, so what if those people are no longer judging...there are STILL HPA violators on their board and serving as officers, judges and DQPs. Until that changes, then I think they will be making a serious difference in the lives of the horses and the breed community itself.

Overall, SHOW does not deserve the sound horse community's support because they still support the sore horse. SHOW will never do a good job until they stop giving HPA violators positions as judges, DQPs, BOD members, and officers and until soring is completely gone from their shows. Until their shows have consistent 100% compliance with the HPA, only then will I think they're doing a good job. They are currently refusing to implement the USDA's mandatory penalty plan, which is a blatant disregard of the federal law itself and those who enforce it. There are ways that the industry can clean up immediately, by banning chains, stacks, pads, and bands in the show ring, just as FOSH and NWHA have done, but they choose not to do it. As long as there are still HPA violators found at their shows and in their ranks, I cannot think that they are serious about ending soring.

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